24 Mar 2020


5:00 pm


Contribution volontaire

5@7 Tiphanie Doucet & friends

Vous l’avez peut-être découverte dans la Voix 8 ces dernières semaines!
Elle sera de passage à Montréal pour un premier concert pour vous faire découvrir sa musique originale, avec quelques invités surprises!

« French songbird Tiphanie Doucet’s dreamy vocal quality is markedly distinct, especially in how she tenderly
incorporates it into her music to tell stories unique to her own outlook and experiences. »

On a summer weekday, you can hear her voice echoing over the Hudson and East rivers. Equipped with only an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a tiny mixer, the French songstress delivers hushed and intimate performances, from Hoboken Pier to boats cruising the Hudson.

Tiphanie Doucet got her start early on in the music and entertainment world. Harp and Ballet were part of her two passions since a very early age, and lead to a professional Dancing and Acting career. A starring role in the film Le bébé d’Elsa, and later in the Glee-like TV series « Chante », gave her popularity in her native France, and the unlikely foundations for what would be a very eclectic musical trajectory. After leaving France, Doucet decided to gamble it all and start fresh in America. The 180 degree turn that her life took left her old life in shambles, bringing her plenty of heartbreak and homesickness that would prove to be a wellspring of musical inspiration. This moment of transition afforded Doucet plenty of material to write her own songs, which she began testing out on street corners, cruises and cafés throughout New York and her newly adopted home in Jersey City, New Jersey. The overwhelmingly positive reception was such that she decided to release her own work.

Doucet released in 2018 her debut album “Under My Sun”, a collection of rustic, yet polished folk numbers produced by Simone Felice and David Baron who have worked with the likes of Lumineers and Jade Bird. Though Doucet’s influences are prevalent throughout the album, nodding to the likes of Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson and Feist, the work is without a doubt a testament to the uniqueness and originality of her voice. Scouted on a gig, she is one of the contestant of The Voice in Canada this year. Her new EP « Painted blue », with haunting, mature and darker sounds is to be released in 2020.