04 - 05 Avr 2020


9:00 pm



Fuad & the Feztones + The Luckies + Les Envahisseurs

Don your togas and get ready for the party of the year! Fuad Ramses and his Feztones are at it again and ready to make you twist your tush and mash your potato to their classic frat tunes. 12PM.

Pals, the Luckies are bringing the Wanda Jackson vibe to the party with two new singers. From ‘billy to country to dirty twisters – these ladies’ harmonies will knock your socks off! 11PM.

Nobody invited les Envahisseurs but they are sure to crash the party anyways… expect some wild wild garage mayhem and non-stop dancing from this bunch! 10PM.

DJ Von Shrimpenstein (USA) will be on hand to keep the dancing going! Don’t let his zero-point-zero GPA fool you – this cat is serious about his music!