27 Juil 2022


9:00 pm



Gardenia Blue + The Lucas Dubovik Group

The Lucas Dubovik group is an emerging quintet (and sometimes sextet) based in Montreal, Quebec. Tenor saxophonist and composer, Lucas Dubobik leads the ensemble in an utterly unique exploration of progressive jazz/rock fusion based in singer-like, heart-wrenching melodies. His surprising yet intuitive compositions are supported by a magnetic, shockingly tight electric band. The musical chemistry of this group is rooted in a unanimous great love of improvisation. The ensemble’s strong complicité, paired with Dubovik’s peculiar writing is what makes this act compelling, innovative, and unlike anything else on the scene.
Gardenia Blue is a Montreal based contemporary roots quartet, which blends an influence of old celtic and bluegrass melodies with alternative rock. Each member brings a distinct and unforgetable offering: Brontae Hunter’s rich vocals and poignant songwriting pair beautifully with the raw and passionate guitar playing of Simon Larose (who also sings). The pair compose unexpected and impressive vocal arrangements, and bring a delightful sense of character to the stage. The compelling basslines of Summer Kodama and the evocative, sensitive drumming of John Buck establish a musical chemistry that is truly unforgetable and unparalelled. The group frequently collaborates with dancers and circus performers, building bridges between the vastly gifted artistic communities of their beloved city.