04 Fév 2020


5:00 pm



Red Mass – ‘A Hopeless Noise’ – Session d’écoute

Mothland présente Red Mass ‘A Hopeless Noise’ en session d’écoute en collaboration avec DIE POD DIE et The Go-Go Radio Magic Show.

Écoute de l’album suivis d’une discussion avec Patrick Baillargeon
(PAN M 360 & VOIR) & The Go-Go Magic Show.

Des affiches et autres œuvres du collectif seront aussi exposées pendant l’événement.

About ‘A Hopeless Noise’:

The album tells the story of the Diamond Girl. You follow her as she falls from grace and loses touch with reality. It is The Mass’ modern day tale of Don Quixote. As the Diamond Girl develops a psychological disorder and suffers delusions of grandeur. She still believes that she is living in the utmost luxury when in reality, her world crumbles around her as she lives in the poorest conditions. Amidst her trauma, she wanders aimlessly through the city and falls prey to the most decadent of low lives. She wallows in vice as the wings of temptation carry her from one nightclub to the next, creating a perverse and cruel creature of the night. Once realizing the self-deception she has perpetuated, she takes her life.
“A Hopeless Noise » was created with a unique approach that features lo-fi recordings mingling with highly produced tracks and collaborations with some of our favourite musicians, our friends and even our family members.

In order to mirror the Diamond Girl’s multiple personalities, the group worked in numerous punk subgenres and picked different artists to bring each song to life. Musicians from all over the world joined in including members of the Black Lips, Duchess Says, Human Eye, Fly Pan Am & Godspeedyoublackemperor as well as Mac DeMarco, Rick Froberg (Hot Snakes,Drive Like Jehu), Hugo Mudie (The Sainte Catherines), producer/musician Martin Bisi, Jered Gummere (the Ponys), King Khan and Mike Watt.

DIE POD DIE organise des sessions d’écoute attentive afin de redonner de la valeur à la musique et réduire le fossé entre le public et la création musicale.